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Q. Garlic makes food flavorful, but it also makes the smell bad after eating. When I ate garlic, how can I get rid of the smell of my mouth?

Research has been conducted in the United States to get answers. According to this study, drinking milk will help eliminate 'garlic bad breath'. According to the research results of the team, it is better to eat garlic with milk when eating garlic than to drink milk after eating garlic, to alleviate bad breath. Ordinary milk was more effective than low-fat milk or flour.

The Allyl Methyl Sulfide or AMS components of garlic are not destroyed during digestion but spread to the body and are released by breathing or sweat. Therefore, after eating garlic, unpleasant mouth odor and body odor stay for hours and days. The water and fat content in the milk neutralizes these sulfur components of garlic. In addition, mushrooms, basil, and green tea can help eliminate bad breath.



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